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To All Our Relations
Cherokee Rose and Silena

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to all our
loyal fans and supporters
who have been
on the Pow Wow Trail with us since 1987
and to the brothers and sisters who are eager
to learn more about the Native American culture. 
We invite you into the world of Cherokee Rose and Silena.
We are mixed blood Cherokee women....a mother and daughter duet
often referred to as the Judds of the Indian World.
We were the first Cherokee women to tell it like it was, and still is, for Indian people.
We write only from an Indian perspective, and believe that music
is the universal language that speaks to the heart. 
So we have taken the words from our Native hearts and
put them to a very popular style of music....
country, blues, and contemporary.........with the beautiful voices
of our Elders and Traditionals giving us the legends
in song from long ago.....
Journey with us along the Red Road
and share our Vision Of History.
Allow us to introduce to you the unsung heroes
of the past and present.

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They are the children of the people
that have lived in the sky where the rivers flow,
and the ancient trees still thrive
where there's medicine that is good,
and there's medicine that is bad
and they are Balanced By Traditions
that they've always had.

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~Cherokee Rose and Silena


Cherokee Rose & Silena

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